Rainboot Cove

We want to produce a series of vibrant, online-educational videos called Rainboot Cove. Its target audience is children ages 9 - 13 (though we are pretty certain all ages will love it).

Project Description
Rainboot Cove is rooted among the comings and goings of the residents of a small coastal town. These comings and goings are then compared to actual events in world history. For example, the erosion of the local cliffs (with the loss of a house) is paired with the finding of the Temple of Isis off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.

The videos are hosted by a washtub bass-thumping gardener, his daughter, Ruby, and by the occasional jazz loving boot. The boots (upturned fedora wearing classic rubber rain boots) take on the lead roles of many of the stories.

The videos are a colorful blend of live action, traditional puppetry and classic story-book illustration. The videos are then combined with games and quizzes to reinforce the learning experience. Along the way children are introduced to many quirky and colorful characters and learn about community, history and language.

Key Participants
The projects creators, Adrian Smith and Adrienne Doherty are experienced filmmakers, designers and writers. They will use their experience of working with children and on developing education related projects to nurture Rainboot Cove into an effective, fun and easily accessible teaching tool.

Ralph Carney will contribute original music to the project. Ralph is an established musician and has performed and recorded with Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and The B-52's.

Project Funding
Project funding is needed to complete the initial video episodes, develop the games, quizzes and website infrastructure. Funding is also required to promote and market the website and to attract educational content partners.

Projected Revenue Streams
Advertising: The site proves to be popular with children (and their parents) possessed of a natural sense of curiosity and a desire for knowledge. This audience will attract advertisers of a broad range products and services. Travel, entertainment, electronics and games brands will all benefit from advertising on Rainboot Cove.

Sponsorship: There will be opportunity for many of the themes and content on Rainboot Cove to be sponsored by companies/brands that have a product or service relevant to the space. An example would be Virgin Airlines sponsoring a story (with related quizzes and games) on the history of aviation.

Merchandising: Rainboot Cove is a visually dynamic. It features a variety of strong and recognizable characters. Boot puppets can be sold (Booty Staccato, Fleur du Boot and Queen Cleo of the Boot are proving to be very popular,). In addition Rainboot Cove branded clothes and merchandise will be sold in partnership with manufacturers. In addition to fun t-shirts, hats and mugs an actual brand of rubber rain boots with Rainboot Cove characters will be a hit with younger children.

Subscription/premium services: Based on the model of the very successful l Club Penguin (now owned by Disney) we will offer children and their parents additional content and access for a monthly $5.00 premium. As a premium member (you will be able to do more with points earned; have a personal Boot Avatar that you design for yourself; become members of the Johnny Staccato Birthday Club - a jazzy fedora wearing boot will sing to them on their birthday (and members can also send birthday greetings to friends and family).

Premium Members (Big Boots) will also be encouraged to participate in the creation of the stories and games. They will be able to submit story ideas and suggestions for other content.

Customized content: In addition to the regular content which will stream on a regular basis to the general public customized content can also be created for schools, colleges and businesses.

Thank you for your interest in this project. For more information about Rainboot Cove please contact us.


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